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I recently ordered two Tilt-Ties and an extra base.


I cannot say enough about

the great user, horse, and trailer friendly construction.

The person I had put them on for me owns a trailer/welding business in town and

mentioned what a wonderful product the Tilt-Ties were,

and he doesn't even own

or ride horses!

- California


Thought you'd get a chuckle out of this photo of Rio enjoying his new Tilt-Tie. With the added freedom afforded by the Tilt-Tie, he's now able to do more investigating of the living quarters, in search of the much-coveted carrot supply.

Do you sell locks for camper doors? <GRIN>

Seriously, the Tilt-Ties work very well and we'll enjoy using them for years to come.

Sue & Dan Seidlitz 
Newbury Park, California

I like the Tilt-Tie a lot - I feel absolutely confident that my horse will not get hung up while tied to it at the trailer and that he can eat and even lay down safely. Also, in these tough economic times, I really appreciate that this wonderfully engineered product is made right here in the good ol’ USA.

- Tahoe, California

Tilt-tie 1.jpg
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